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    Guardian Angel On Purpose Patrol


    Guardian Angel on Purpose Patrol is an inspiring story of a heavenly angel who has discovered her purpose and is eager to begin an exciting human experience to bring positive change to the lives of many.

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    Vegging Out and Eatin' Vegan!


    Vegging Out and Eatin’ Vegan is a no-frills hyperlinked hotlist of vegan and vegan-friendly eateries across U.S. cities where chefs do the absolute most with nature's bounty!

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    Releasing the Fear &

    Walking in Faith

    Contributing Author

    You don't have to stay stuck. The only thing standing between you and fulfilling your dreams is fear. Compelling personal testimonies of rising above fear to face life-altering challenges are featured.

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    I Am Woman Enough:

    365 Affirmations for Women

    Contributing Author

    A resource of empowerment and validation through affirmation, I Am Woman Enough: 365 Affirmations for Women is a must-own tool for women who stand in their power, speak their truth, and live life on purpose.

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